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Management Consulting Team

The Trinity Management Consulting team consists of capable professionals who bring strong leadership and wide-ranging expertise. This unique group is committed to strengthening and facilitating the growth of its clients.

J. Brian Searles, President
J. Brian Searles holds a BBA degree in accounting from the University of Notre Dame. Searles started his career with KPMG Peat Marwick specializing in Computer Auditing followed by experience at Samsonite Corporation as an international EDP auditor. Searles has been the CFO and COO of oil & gas exploration and production companies. Searles joined Paradigm Technologies in 1984 and held positions in charge of Customer Service & Support, head of Research & Development, and CFO prior to his appointment as President in 1988. In 2000, Petroleum Place purchased Paradigm Technologies, and Searles continued to head up its software subsidiary, P2 Energy Solutions, until 2003.

Wilmer (Bill) W. Thieme, Senior Vice President
In addition to working as a Project Manager on conversion and implementation projects with Trinity Management Consulting, Thieme also heads the Information Technology department at Trinity Petroleum Management. His extensive knowledge of the Excalibur Oil and Gas software results from his role of writing the original software and from serving as the leader of the software development team from 1979 through 2005. Thieme has more than 30 years of Data Processing experience.

Joe Craven, Vice President, Business Development
Joe Craven brings more than 30 years of sales and sales management to Trinityís business development. He has a BBA in Marketing from the University of Iowa. Joeís background includes sales experience in a Fortune 500 computer company and over 20 years in the oil and gas software business. He joined Paradigm Technologies (became P2 Energy Solutions in 2000) as a sales representative in 1988 and then served as VP of Sales from 1991 through 2005. From 2005 until joining Trinity in 2007 he was Director of North American Sales for Bolo Systems.

Sherry Pitt, Vice President
Sherry Pitt is engaged as a Conversions, Mergers & Acquisition and Security Project Manager. She holds a degree in Computer Technology and is a Certified Management Accountant (CMA). Pittís extensive background includes more than 30 years in information systems, 25 years in oil and gas (accounting, software development, and implementation), and 10 years managing large software development teams. Pittís skill sets include business process review and requirements definition, software analysis, design, specifications, testing and implementations, data conversions, software implementation, and customer service and support, including training.

Raymond Flake, Senior Consultant
Raymond brings a highly diversified skill set to the Trinity Management Consulting team. Raymond is a Project Manager, overseeing custom programming projects, and providing technical support assistance to Trinity Management Consulting's customer base. With more than 28 years of oil and gas systems industry experience, Raymond has been a Systems Analyst, Programmer, and Director of Information Technology with a wide range of E&P companies including Pennzoil, Tesoro Petroleum, Hondo Oil & Gas, and Noble Energy, Inc. He has handled the data integration and conversions for multiple acquisitions & divestitures, and supported the Excalibur Land, Production, Gas Control and Financial applications. Raymondís background also includes managing security, SAN, VoIP, WAN and VPNís for complex operations. Raymond holds a B.A. degree in Computer Information Systems from Arizona State University.

Don Bara, Senior Consultant
Don Bara is a programmer analyst specializing in custom programming projects. His extensive programming experience in the oil and gas industry encompasses more than 30 years of programming specializing with the UNIDATA/PRIME/UNIVERSE operating system, UniData System Builder, and HP UNIX System Administration training. Baraís oil and gas experience includes more than 20 years with the Excalibur Software Suite, both at Hallwood Energy Company and P2 Energy Solutions.

Robin Gregory, Senior Consultant
Robin was the co-founder of Bolo Systems, Inc. and has over 35 years of financial management and systems development experience in the oil and gas industry. Robin has a B.S. in Accounting from Colorado State University in 1978 and was a CPA. After college he joined KPMG in their oil and gas practice. In 1981, he left KPMG to become the Controller for Henderson Petroleum where he implemented Excalibur (Henderson was Excaliburís fourth customer). Three years later he joined Excalibur as a Business Analyst and worked his way up to VP of Customer Services. In 1991 he and Mike Williamson launched GW Associates which later became Bolo Systems, Inc. Over the next 20 years Robin and Mike designed and authored the Bolo Oil and Gas back office software solutions. Robin served as President during his 16 year career at Bolo. After the Company was purchased by WellPoint Systems in 2007, Robin served as Executive VP until the company was purchased by P2 Energy Solutions in May, 2011. Robin continued to be involved with all aspects of the operation including customer service, software design and development, and defect resolution.

Darrell G. Jones, Senior Consultant
Darrell earned a BBA in Accounting from the University of Texas in 1977 and Texas CPA certificate in 1982. He held various O&G accounting staff, supervisory and management positions with Transco Exploration Co and Howell Petroleum Corp prior to becoming Controller of BlueSky Oil & Gas Inc. Darrell joined Gathers Software in 1982 providing customer implementation and programming services for the Gathers O&G software and then, as product Director, managing the staff responsible for all customer services and software development. Darrellís involvement with the Excalibur O&G software began in 1987, joining Paradigm Technologies as R&D Manager responsible for software development, then Customer Services Manager, and from 1991 to 2008 the Paradigm/P2 Energy Solutions Vice President responsible for the management of the Excalibur business line operations. Throughout his 21 year Paradigm/P2 tenure Darrell continued to be directly involved with customer implementation, data conversion, and software development projects with emphasis on the Excalibur financial modules and a particular focus on the Asset Management system for which he was lead business analyst, product manager, and company-wide subject matter expert.

Scott Kramer, Senior Consultant
Scott is actively engaged in training, support and data conversion projects for lease records, division orders, production and gas control software. Having been active in the upstream industry since 1980, he started as an independent landman but chose to develop his interest in software for the industry. Scott joined Paradigm Technologies in 1988 where he was actively involved with implementation, ongoing support and software development of the Excalibur software. After leaving Paradigm, he held the position of COO for e2 Business Solutions, a provider of gas control services for oil and gas producers. After e2 Business Solutions and prior to joining Trinity, Scott was the VP of Business Development at LandWorks, Inc. LandWorks provides land management and GIS products to the energy industry. Scott holds a B.S in Aviation Management from Embry Riddle Aeronautical Institution.

Tim Leake, Senior Consultant
Tim Leake is responsible for implementation, training, and conversion projects with the Excalibur Software. He has more than 24 years experience in the oil and gas industry including work as a Landman for Gulf Oil Corporation, Chevron USA, Forest Oil Corporation, Gary-Williams, and Basin Exploration. He holds a BS in Minerals Land Management from the University of Colorado. Leakeís software experience spans more than 10 years as Land System Product Director for P2 Energy Solutions, Excalibur Software. Leake is skilled in conversions, sales demonstrations, software implementation, special project management, training, and the ability to translate client needs into functional software design.

Susan Mulhern, CPA, Senior Consultant
At Trinity, Sue Mulhern is actively engaged in training and supporting the Excalibur software. Mulhern, a CPA, holds two masters degrees from the University of Colorado in business administration and accounting. Mulhern has more than 18 years oil and gas industry accounting and 12 years oil and gas software support and design. She is experienced with multiple oil and gas industry software systems, including systems using the UniData and Oracle databases. Other skill sets include data analysis and reconciliation, operations and financial reporting, customer service and support, training, data conversions, software analysis, design, specifications and testing, and writing and editing documentation.

Anthony (Tony) Ursetta, Senior Consultant
Tony Ursetta is a Project Manager and Programmer/Business Analyst with over 28 years of information technology experience. He has an extensive background working with Database Integration and data conversion projects related to mergers & acquisitions along with data extraction expertise for property divestitures. Tony has worked with general accounting systems, has a multi-currency system background, and has spent over 19 years working with the Excalibur Energy Management System software. He has worked on application development, customer support and training projects over the course of his career.

Mike Williamson, Senior Consultant

Mike was the co-founder of Bolo Systems, Inc. and has over 30 years of financial management and systems development experience in the oil and gas industry. Mike earned a BBA in Accounting from Emporia State University in 1980 and was a CPA. He worked for Mizel Petro Resources as an Operations and Financial Reporting Accountant where he became the in-house expert on the Excalibur Accounting System. Later he worked for Apache Corporation in Partnership Accounting. In 1988, Mike joined Paradigm Technologies as a Systems Consultant and led the Denver Consulting team in 1990-1991. In November, 1991 he and Robin Gregory launched GW Associates which later became Bolo Systems, Inc. Over the next 20 years Robin and Mike designed and authored the Bolo Oil and Gas back office software solutions. During his 16 year career at Bolo, Mike was the CFO, COO, Customer Services Manager, Product Manager and R&D Manager. After the Company was purchased by WellPoint Systems in 2007, Mike served as VP and Chief Technologist focusing on developing innovative software, expanding professional services, and streamlining software design and development. Until the company was purchased by P2 Energy Solutions in May, 2011, Mike continued to be involved with all aspects of the operation including customer service, customer implementations, data conversions, software design and development.



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